Single wall reducers

Vega® reducers are manufactured using extruded steel 85 HRB tubular cone sections of various diameters and lengths, to which collars of different designs are welded according to the different connection systems required. The range of Vega® reducers are compatible with the reducers used by the most important manufacturers of pumping machines, such as Cifa®, Coime®, Mecbo®, Putzmeister®, Schwing®, Sermac®, Turbosol®, Bunker® etc.

Vega® reducers are normally used in the construction of distribution and pumping lines for concrete and cement mortar. Their function is to reduce the diameter of the pipes according to the speed and pressure required at the exit of the line itself. Inside the cone, there is clearly more friction and consequently a greater thickness of the walls of the reduction is required, reaching 7 mm, guaranteeing a long product life and reduced maintenance costs.

Reducers in different lengths:

On customer’s request, reducers can be made according to drawings.


DN 1 – DN 2
65 – 50
75 – 50
75 – 65
100 – 50
100 – 65
125 – 65
125 – 75
125 – 100
150 – 125
180 – 150
180 – 125

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