Air shut-off valve

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The Vega® Air Shut Off Valve is a safety device made of textile fiber with a rubber sleeve inside. When inflated by compressed air, it shuts off the rubber hose on which it is installed in a diaphragm-like manner. The valve is an integral component of an optional feature for concrete pumps. In case of need, the operator can decide to stop the flow instantaneously by acting on a special control that interrupts pumping and at the same time operates the shut-off valve by “squeezing” the rubber hose. The concrete is released later when pumping is resumed. If your machine does not have this integrated system, contact RM®.

The rubber end hose is squeezed, stopping the flow of concrete thanks to a valve bladder that instantly inflates.

The air required for its functioning is taken from an outlet, usually installed on trucks and brought from the front area (near the chassis cab) to the shut-off valve through a pneumatic supply line installed along the boom sections, until it reaches the end hose.

The operating system of the valve is automatic, as it is connected to the start-stop of concrete pumping.

  • Light weight: < 4 kg
  • Heavy Duty: made of HT toughness polyester fiber cN/dtex 8.0 with mechanical type closure
  • One Size: one single model for 100 mm and 125 mm hoses
  • Safe: no metal components exposed, less injuries caused by accidental collisions, compliant with UNI EN ISO 12100:2010


At RM®, we have great dedication and passion for innovative design, high-quality manufacturing, and thorough inspection. Every product we develop is a testament to our commitment to excellence, from the initial design to the final inspection.

Part number Description
VAA125 air shut-off valve DN100 / DN125
VAA125.Q air shut-off valve DN100 / DN125 with control panel 


Part number Description
VAA125.13 air venting kit
VAA125.06 valve bladder
VAA125.12 fastening ropes
Q.VAA control panel
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