Excavator teeth

grey excavator bucket teeth for earthmoving machines - EXTREME

Depending on the machine model, the bucket teeth profiles must meet certain characteristics to be effective on the ground. Excavator teeth are designed to optimize the efficiency and longevity of digging operations. 

The exclusive design of the caps, resulting from years of field experience and technical know-how, makes EXTREME® Plus excavator teeth the ideal choice for tackling the most challenging conditions and significantly improving productivity by reducing machine downtime. The profiles of excavator teeth in the Extreme Plus line are compatible with the following systems: Caterpillar® J, Caterpillar® K, Esco® Super V, Esco® Super V2, JCB® Monotooth, Komatsu® Side Pin, Hyundai®, Doosan®, Uni-Z®, H&L®.


General purpose penetration tooth, ideal for excavator applications. The particularly ergonomic and self-sharpening shape allows the tooth to keep its penetration even after long use.

grey excavator bucket teeth for earthmoving machines - EXTREME


Heavy duty tooth, suitable for applications on particularly abrasive and compact soils; while maintaining the penetrating and self-sharpening shape of the “E” model, the “EHD” tooth has a considerably reinforced structure made of high quality and wear resistant alloys. However, the strength of the tooth does not reduce its high penetration capacity.

grey bucket teeth for excavator - EXTREME PLUS EHD


Asymmetrical tooth with high penetration, recommended for extremely compact soils. Particularly suitable in cases where the type of use requires above all a high digging speed, also allowing considerable savings in fuel and time.

grey excavator bucket teeth - EXTREME PLUS EV


Tooth with high penetration and with double tip, perfect if placed side by side to the “EV” model and mounted on the corners at the two ends of the bucket allowing in this way to enlarge its mouth; it remains however indicated on compact and not particularly abrasive soils.

excavator teeth

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