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In the pumping unit of a machine, the most important function is represented by the exchange that occurs through the movement of the S-valve; the contact and the seal between the parts is maintained and guaranteed by the wear ring that moves on the relative wear plate. RM® produces wear plates and rings compatible with the main brands of concrete pumps in the market. These components can be made of heat-treated cast iron or steel with tungsten carbide coatings, with very high strength.

CIFA Interchangeable
CIFA Interchangeable

Standard Wear Plate Wear Plate with Carbide Description Wear Ring Wear Ring with Carbide
11228228 11228228CC wear plate DN 160 11222834 11222834CC
11244475 11244475CC wear plate DN 160 11222834 / 11S1001082 11S1001082CC
11S1007890 11S1043463 wear plate DN 170/180 11215745 11S1043465
11231157 11231157CC wear plate DN 180 11215745 11S1043465
11S1007112 11S1032639 wear plate DN 180 11S1007076 11S1032638
11227300 11S1032655 wear plate DN 200 11215498 11S1032647
11245228 11S1032592 wear plate DN 230 11245219 11S1032558


In the pumping unit of a machine, the “S” valve has the most important function in the exchange phase for pumping concrete. RM® produces “S” valves made of spheroidal cast iron which are highly resistant to torsion and abrasion. They are compatible with the main brands of concrete pumps in the market.

Part Number Description
11234049 S-valve
11231782 S-valve
11S1007800 S-valve
11S1007064 S-valve


The pistons, together with the chrome delivery barrel and the S-valve, are the heart of the machine. RM® produces rubber pistons with a compound capable of withstanding the heaviest duties to which they are subjected. The pistons are made using both the classic technology based on metal cores (generally made of cast iron or steel) on which the rubber is vulcanized, and the more recent technology that involves the use of replaceable caps and guide seals, fixed on supports generally made of aluminium alloys. In the latter case, in compliance with the different design choices, the lightness of the assemblies (about 20% less) can be achieved, which is particularly advantageous for the life of the system. We have pistons compatible with the most common brands in the market.


Part Number Description
11237695 piston DN 180
11S1003999 piston DN 200
11S1016135 piston DN 230


Pistons installed in some new Cifa® pumping units. This new generation of pistons do not have metal parts inside. The wear resistant rubber is reinforced by a textile insert on the outer perimeter, giving the piston a great resistance to wear and mechanical pressure during pumping operations.

Code Description
11S2028184 piston DN 230


Concrete delivery barrels, together with the pistons, pump the concrete from the pump hopper to the distribution pipeline. RM® produces steel barrels with internal chrome plating of constant thickness along the entire length to be compatible with the major pump manufacturers in the market. On specific requests from customers, RM® is able to produce delivery barrels according to drawings.

Chromed delivery barrels

Part Number Description Dimensions
11224013 chromed delivery barrel 176×1130
11230070 flanged delivery barrel 176×1673
11S1004084 chromed delivery barrel 200×1187
11244469 chromed delivery barrel 200×1214
11403293 flanged delivery barrel 200×1692
11230068 flanged delivery barrel 200×2200
11238038 chromed delivery barrel 230×1700
11238168 chromed delivery barrel 230×2215
11233806 chromed delivery barrel 230×2200

Hydraulic Cylinder

RM® sells hydraulic thrust cylinders for conveying concrete in distribution lines and exchange cylinders for S-valve oscillation made of special steel using the best manufacturing processes available in the market. In case the customer wishes to regenerate his hydraulic cylinders, all the series of gaskets necessary for overhauling or repairing the main brands of concrete pumps are available.


Part number Description
11K1016943 movement cylinder
11K1000701 movement cylinder
11K1000703 movement cylinder


Part number Description
11248651 thrust cylinder
11248661 thrust cylinder
11K1006923 thrust cylinder


Part number Description
11226836 port opening cylinder for mixer pump
11211712 port opening cylinder for pump
11237271 chute lifting cylinder for truck mixer
11241282 control cylinder for truck mixer
11226333 hydraulic cylinder
11242285 hydraulic cylinder


RM® manufactures concrete mixing paddles made of high wear resistant cast iron, for the majority of machine brands on the market. These paddles are installed in the feeding hoppers of concrete pumps and truck-mixer pumps.


Part Number Description
11223836 blade for hopper mixer
11213629 blade for hopper mixer
11241748 blade for hopper mixer

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