Suitable for CM® mixers

For CM® mixers, we produce Ni-hard cast iron tank tiles and mixing blades that are perfectly compatible with the originals.

Wear parts compatible with mixers


Code Description
CM.MB200502087 central blade
CM.MB200502089 scraping blade
CM.MB200502088 lateral blade LX

Wear parts compatible with mixers


Code Description
CM.MB200502068 internal plate
CM.MB200502069 outer plate
CM.MB200502070 central plate
CM.MB200502071 internal plate
CM.MB200502072 side armor
CM.MB200502073 closing plate
CM.MB200502087 plate
CM.MB200502088 plate
CM.MB200502089 scraping plate

Wear parts compatible with mixers


Code Description
CM.MB200802069 internal plate
CM.MB200802070 outer plate
CM.MB200802071 internal plate
CM.MB200802072 side armor
CM.MB200802073 closing plate
CM.MB200802085 scraping blade
Wear parts compatible with mixers


Code Description
CM.MB200902052 internal plate
CM.MB200902053 outer plate
CM.MB200902054 internal plate
CM.MB200902055 side armor
CM.MB200902056 scraping plate
CM.MB200902057 closing plate

Wear parts compatible with mixers


Code Description
CM.MB200702080 internal plate
CM.MB200702081 outer plate
CM.MB200702082 central plate
CM.MB200702083 internal plate
CM.MB200702084 side armor
CM.MB200702085 scraping plate
CM.MB200702086 straight plate
CM.MB200702087 inverting plate
CM.MB200702088 scraping plate

Wear parts compatible with mixers


Code Description
CM.MB201002042 internal plate
CM.MB201002043 outer plate
CM.MB201002044 internal plate
CM.MB201002045 side armor
CM.MB201002046 closing plate
CM.MB201002048 straight plate
CM.MB201002049 inverting plate
CM.MB201002050 scraping plate

Wear parts compatible with mixers


Code Description
CM.MB401402004 plate MB9000

Wear parts compatible with mixers


Code Description
CM.MC404302001 cast central plate for MC100/1
CM.MC404302002 cast lateral plate for MC100/150
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