Suitable for Coime® pumps

S Valve

In the pumping unit of a machine, the “S” valve has the most important function in the exchange phase for pumping concrete. RM® produces “S” valves made of spheroidal cast iron which are highly resistant to torsion and abrasion.

COIME interchangeable S valve

Part Number Description
12.87.550 S-valve

Rubber piston

The pistons, together with the chrome delivery barrel and the S-valve, are the heart of the machine. RM® produces rubber pistons with a compound capable of withstanding the heaviest duties to which they are subjected. The pistons are made using both the classic technology based on metal cores (generally made of cast iron or steel) on which the rubber is vulcanized, and the more recent technology that involves the use of replaceable caps and guide seals, fixed on supports generally made of aluminium alloys. In the latter case, in compliance with the different design choices, the lightness of the assemblies (about 20% less) can be achieved, which is particularly advantageous for the life of the system.

Code Description
61.51.212 piston DN 200 H120
61.51.222 piston DN 200 H100
61.51.225 piston DN 230

Movement cylinder

RM® sells hydraulic thrust cylinders for conveying concrete in distribution lines and exchange cylinders for S-valve oscillation made of special steel using the best manufacturing processes available in the market. In case the customer wishes to regenerate his hydraulic cylinders, all the series of gaskets necessary for overhauling or repairing the main brands of concrete pumps are available.

movement cylinder
Part number Description
12.26.310 movement cylinder

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