Thanks to the experience gained in underground construction sites, RM® has developed a wide range of spare parts for shotcrete machines. The importance of shotcrete machines in the complex context of mining and tunneling, requires a careful selection of the materials used and the processing phases of every single wear component in contact with the concrete as it is highly subject to wear. The feedback with the end user and RM®’s experience gained through years of activity in this industry, has allowed us to perfect specific solutions, offering high performance and improving reliability with maximum attention to operational safety.

  1. Protection from falling material, during the foundation excavation or tunnel construction
  2. Blocking any water leakage from the walls of an underground tunnel
  3. Consolidation works (embankments, slopes), as well as rehabilitation work (degraded buildings)

Unlike traditional concretes, which are placed inside formworks and subjected to vibration to remove excess air in order to increase product compaction; for shotcrete, placement and compaction take place in a single operation.

Spritz beton (German term) or shotcrete (English term), is mainly used in underground construction. Concrete compaction is achieved by exploiting the speed of the impact of the mix against the walls of the substrate.


Code Description
11241710 shotcrete spraying nozzle DN45

Spare parts

Spritz concrete machines are highly susceptible to wear and tear. The shotcrete nozzle, the most frequently replaced part of the machine, is available either complete or in various individual components such as nozzles, sleeves and diffusers, made, depending on the application, of steel, polyurethane or wear-resistant rubber.

Code Description
11S1010711 diffuser
11237837 shell
11237331 bushing
11240503 nozzle 3"1/4 – outlet DN40 L=360mm
11240568 nozzle 3"1/4 – outlet DN45 L=360mm
11241683 nozzle 3"1/4 – outlet DN50 L=360mm
11K1036292 nozzle 3"1/4 – outlet DN45 L=450mm
ESK114442 nozzle 4" – outlet DN40 L=360mm



Manual shotcrete nozzles functional and convenient for the operator which allow to disintegrate the material and instantly generate high speeds.


Code Description
AST23709V shotcrete nozzle 1"1/2 HD (38mm) with 1 valve
AST23725V shotcrete nozzle 2"HD (51mm) with 1 valve
AST23725.MR.M shotcrete nozzle 2"Mortar (51mm) with 1 valve
AST23729V shotcrete nozzle 2"HD (51mm) with 2 valves
12110.999 complete shotcrete nozzle DN50

Spare Parts

Code Description
AST23687V nozzle tip 1"1/2 DN38 (soft)
AST23681V nozzle tip 2" DN50 (soft)
AST23674V nozzle tip 2" DN50 per (hard)
12113.999 mixing bushing
IP12111.006 spry gun nozzle dn50

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