Shut-off valves

valvole a ghigliottina

Manual activation

Manually operated shut-off valve by means of a hammer hit. Made of steel S355 (ST52) used to stop the flow of concrete, available for lines from DN 75 to DN 150. We can produce standard, light, high pressure and with or without grease nipple. It can be produced with any connection system the customer desires.

manual shut off valve
manual shut off valve
manual shut off valve
Ref. DN Type inch bar kg
GH65.30 65 STD 3"SK 85 16
GH75.30 75 STD 3"SK 85 16.8
GH75.34 75 STD 3"1/4 SK 85 17
GH100.45 100 STD 4"1/2 SK 85 19.6
GH100.45/130 100 High Pressure 4"1/2 SK 130 21
GH125.55 125 STD 5"1/2 SK 85 18.6
GH125.55/130 125 High Pressure 5"1/2 SK 130 22.7
GH125.5HD 125 STD 5"HD 85 33
GH125.5HD/130 125 High Pressure 5"HD 130 25
GH150.60 150 STD 6"SK 85 40

Hydraulic activation

Hydraulic operated shut-off valve made of S355 (ST52) steel. Interrupts the flow of concrete by means of a gate valve operated by a cylinder fed by a manual hydraulic pump with lever operation.  Mainly used for distribution lines on the ground and in tunnels. Available in pipe diameter 125mm, configurable with any connection system the customer desires.

hydraulic shut off valve
Code Description
GHHD125.55 hydraulic shut-off valve DN125 5"1/2
GHHD125.5HD hydraulic shut-off valve DN125 5"HD
WEIGHT 123 kg
USAGE Blocking the flow of concrete in ground pipelines and tunnelling
DIAMETER 125mm with all types of flanges


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