Polyurethane brake bend

Safety and lightness: brake bend entirely in polyurethane

The search for new products takes place with a focus on safety in working environments. For this reason, RM® has developed the brake bend entirely in polyurethane, a polymer that is becoming more and more popular in the construction industry. This bend has two main distinguishing features: first, the absence of a steel collar strongly reduces the risk of accidents caused by collisions or accidental contact since it has no exposed metal parts; secondly, it is equipped with a handle, specifically designed to help the operator during handling operations.

The all-polyurethane brake bend is available in 100 mm and 125 mm diameter. For the DN125 bend, a tapered end has been designed to ease the concrete flow within tightly meshed reinforcements, such as formworks for columns or pillars.

The brake bend, installed at the end of the rubber hose, makes concrete outflow constant during pumping. Suitable for rubber hoses with 100 mm and 125 mm diameter.

  • Simple installation
  • Increased profitability and service life compared to the conventional brake bends
red Polyurethane brake bend for concrete pumps
Code Description
CA45S/PSA DN100 polyurethane brake bend without steel collar 1 handle
CA55S/PSA DN125 polyurethane brake bend without steel collar 2 handles
CA55S/PSA.C tapered end for polyurethane brake bend DN125


Our brake bend with collar is made of polyurethane. This choice of material gives our product two key advantages: light weight, allowing operators to work with greater agility thanks to a more manageable product, and ease of use, increasing efficiency on the job site.

A polyurethane protective cap was also developed to fully protect the steel component. Compatible for the polyurethane brake bend in both 100 mm and 125 mm.

Code Description
CA45S/P polyurethane brake bend DN100 – 1 handle
CA55S/P polyurethane brake bend DN125 – 1 handle
CA45S/PP protection for polyurethane brake bend DN100 (CA45S/P) and DN125 (CA55S/P)

SUPPORT S355 steel DN100 4”1/2 and DN125 5"1/2


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