In RM we believe that a good mood helps to be more creative. Creativity is necessary to find solutions that only an open mind can think of.
Starting from this thought, we developed the Photo Project LOOKS LIKE, a journey into our imagination, searching for unlikely similarities.

These pictures remind us that nothing is what it looks like, and what we offer goes beyond the first impression.
Changing your point of view is the first creative step towards success.

“I know who I was when I got up this morning,
but I think I must have been changed several times since then”.
(Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland”)

Embrace a different perspective of reality!


Get your home dirty because you live a wonderful life:
pour the juice on the table after a big surprise,
drop the crumbs because you laughed too much,
spill the wine after a clumsy dance.



When he was tasting that chocolate bar,
he wondered what made him happy in his life
and realized he was just eating his own happiness.



Maybe not all the pins will fall,
but when the ball gently slides towards its target
it is elegant, steady and doesn’t ask any questions.
Let’s do the same and enjoy our journey.



They said I should act serious.
They said I should stop playing and grow up.
I said that I didn’t want to grow up,
I just wanted to become a better man… so I started playing again.



Some hearts beat incessantly,
silent and hidden,
so that we can take for granted that everything is fine.
By remembering this, we remind ourselves our uniqueness.



Bees make one of the sweetest things in the world,
but they sting when they have to protect themselves.
Sometimes we meet people that seem ready to sting,
to stay away from anyone approaching them.
However, it’s often worth to look behind them
and find out honey hearts that can make our life brighter.



The survival instinct pushes us beyond our limits.
Our mind triggers the body
and we are able to overcome inconceivable barriers.
Let’s remember this special gift:
there’s a superhero in every one of us.



When you move a piece, you can either win or make a mistake.
The action only will reveal your fate.
Don’t let the fear of losing stop your willing to try.
The lesson for a winning move is often hiding behind a mistake.



You will overcome that barrier sooner or later.
The fearful horse stops in front of the first obstacle,
the reckless horse runs straight into it.
Accept yourself: learn, try, fail and try again.
Your life deserves the big leap.



Leaving means “moving away from a place and get to another one”,
but the dictionary does not mention that you don’t always have to move.
Sometimes, you just need to change your mind.
Move away from a belief and embrace another one:
this could be the most revolutionary journey of your life.



I tattooed the sea on my skin.
Since I was a kid, I was fascinated by its endless motion,
wild and violent now,
calm and peaceful then,
but never still.
Be like the sea, that despite everything,
Never quits the beautiful dance of life.



Whenever you feel sad,
pick up a picture of you.
Choose the most beautiful and joyful picture you ever had.
You are that person, you lived that moment.
Trust yourself: if it happened once, it will happen again.