Connection systems

Italian production couplings made of forged steel of the highest quality with great mechanical performances. Depending on the declared working pressure, a specific type of steel is used and only in some cases is heat treatment performed.

In our production facilities, using the latest CNC numerical control machines, we produce couplings for all the connection systems on the market: SK/metric, HD, conical, ZX and M/F. The coupling locking systems can be fixed lever, adjustable lever, one-bolt, two-bolt, four-bolt and wedge. Depending on the type and quantity produced, Vega® couplings are treated with immersion anti-rust in various color shades or cold galvanized according to ISO2081.

We produce in Italy gaskets in SBR, NBR and EPDM. These types of rubber of the highest quality make them resistant to solvents and hydrocarbons, greatly increasing their durability and reducing maintenance costs. We manufacture and distribute S355 (ST52) steel welding collars for various types and diameters of pipes. Suitable for the most popular connection systems in the market of concrete distribution lines and cement mortars in general.

Fixed-lever couplings and adjustable-lever couplings are basically interchangeable with each other, their use is the same, the only difference is that one has a fixed and unchangeable clamping (fixed coupling) and the other, having a ‘screw’ inside it, has an adjustable clamping (adjustable coupling). Concrete pump arms normally have fixed lever clamps so that the operator does not have the option of loosening them.

Safety pins are applied in the coupling closure to prevent accidental opening and comply with the CE standard EN 12001, which makes their application mandatory.

All of our couplings have internal testing. Testing is carried out at a certain frequency, which is specified by our ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system. We define the breaking point by doing sample tests where the joint is initially brought to a pressure of 85 bar and after 10 seconds, we gradually increase the pressure (by 10 bar every 10 seconds) until we reach the breaking point. Example of one of our test and inspection certificate.

Coupling Test

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